At a time when mental health needs have become more pronounced than ever Clubhouse Atlanta is a positive beacon of light for the members it serves. Welcome to our part of the solution!

The cost for an active Clubhouse member is approximately $10,000 per year and we are entirely dependent on raising funds externally.  The benefits are extraordinary.  Individuals with mental illness get the opportunity to have dignity, self-esteem and friends and reach their potential as contributing community members.  


They become far less likely to experience incarceration at an annual cost over $30,000 annually and hospitalization where an average 3 day stay exceeds $3000 and typically does not resolve serious issues.  This does not account for the family expense and disruption and, most importantly, giving the member a life. For more information go to the outcome section in the web site.


How can your donations help?               No donation is too small!


$50                   Subsidize Member meals for a month

$100                 Support a Member's career development

$250                 Subsidize electronic equipment for a member

$800                 Support an active member for a month

$10,000            Support an active member for a year

To support us via check, make checks payable to Clubhouse Atlanta Inc and mail them to:

Clubhouse Atlanta Inc

PO Box 888581

Dunwoody, GA 30356.


​We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!