Dear Clubhouse Atlanta Supporter:

You already know about Clubhouse Atlanta and our important work.

We are growing and need your help to serve as many members as possible as well as possible!  In 2022 we plan to double the number of Members served.  Last year we raised over $50,000 from over 200 donors.  Our campaign goal is at least $75,000.  We already have commitments from our board of $25,000 in donations and monthly recurring pledges toward this year’s goal.  


Our Campaign for Growth is vital and represents approximately 25% of our annual budget.  It costs about $10,000 to serve an active Member for a year and the benefits are far greater.  Tangible benefits which include reducing homelessness, hospitalization and incarceration are far greater than the cost.  The most important benefit is providing our Members an environment with friendships, dignity, accomplishment and happiness.  A chance to reach their personal potential! 


We are thankful for your support and gifts of all sizes.  If you can do more than you have in the past that would be wonderful.  




PARTNER LEVELS            No. Gifts                                Total $

(up to $99)                              120                                        $6,000        

($100-$999)                             60                                        $12,000

($1000-$2499)                         10                                        $10,000

($2500-$4999)                          5                                         $12,500

($5000-$9999)                          3                                         $15,000

($10,000 or more)                     2                                         $20,000


Total                                             200                                        $75,500

To support us via check, make checks payable to Clubhouse Atlanta Inc and mail them to:

Clubhouse Atlanta Inc

PO Box 888581

Dunwoody, GA 30356.


​We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!


Major gifts have often been provided to the over 300 Clubhouses in the Clubhouse International Network and are vital to the overall success of expanding the work we do. 


If you are able to consider a gift such as Real Estate, Stock, Insurance, Retirement Plans, or a Bequest please contact either Freddy Morello at or Bill McClung at


We will gladly work with you, your representative(s) and our accountant  to accommodate your wishes.