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Volunteering Group



Work-Ordered Day

Clubhouse Atlanta operates as a community where the day-to-day of programming models the traditional work day.

Members work side by side with Clubhouse staff to complete administrative tasks like answering incoming calls, attendance and record keeping. Members take part in contributing to website, newsletters and media planning.

Members are involved in helping with maintaining the clubhouse facility, shopping for groceries, inventory planning, recipe planning and preparing lunches. 

The Work-Ordered Day essentially creates a sense of structure that gives purpose and gets members working towards common goals that can be used to strength skills that will aid in their recovery.  



Social and Recreational Programs


Clubhouse Atlanta members and staff organize social activities that are always scheduled outside the workday on evenings and weekends, Members and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other outside the pressures of the Clubhouse workday. 


Community Support

 Members are given support in acquiring and keeping affordable housing, good mental health and general medical services, government disability benefits, and any other services they may need. 

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